Dinner for Six


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Dinner for Six is a great way to connect with others at the intersection. The purpose of Dinners for Six is to connect, serve, and grow.   The dinners provide an opportunity to spend time eating and sharing.

Three couples (or two couples and two to three singles or any similar combination) are grouped. Each group of six will gather to share at least three meals before the holidays. The group can choose to meet in a home or a restaurant.


Q:  How do Dinners for Six work?

A:  Complete and submit this sign up form (Click Here). Groups will be formed, and everyone in the group will be notified and given a list of the group members and contact information no later than October 3rd.

Each group will have a Group Coordinator who will be responsible for contacting the other group members to start the ball rolling on dates/times/locations of dinners.  Each couple or the two or three singles will be responsible for hosting a dinner.  You group can decide to meet every other week or once a month, but the idea is to meet three times before the holidays!  Ideas for hosting could be hosting at a restaurant, in a home, or even a picnic at a park.  The group can be as creative or straightforward as they choose in the meals they enjoy.  While we call it “dinner,” your group could decide to meet for brunch or lunch instead!  The emphasis is on fun and fellowship!

In addition to having dinner together, you might want to plan on spending some time just having fun: like sharing dinner and then showing off your skills at the bowling alley, playing board games, or just spending time together with some after-dinner coffee (or s’mores!).
At the end of the day, the specifics surrounding the dinner are up to the individual group! 

Q:  I don’t have room to host a dinner or I really can’t cook.
A:  No problem. Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other and to include everyone. You are not required to host a dinner at your home to participate. Some groups may be hosted at a couple’s home more than once during the three months the group is together. If you can’t or don’t like to cook, there are lots of creative ideas to provide the meal.  Remember, while food matters, the time together matters so much more!  Pizza is always an option!  

Q:  Will there be separate Dinner for Six groups for singles & couples?
A:  No. Our intention is to mix everyone together. It will be more fun that way!


Q:  This is sounding better & better, but I have children. What happens to them?
A:  It is up to the group to determine if children will be a part of the meal or not. Ideas for dealing with the kids include: children can play or watch TV quietly in another room after the meal so the adults can talk, a teen child of someone in the group might be willing to babysit young children at the parent’s home, or parents of young children may need to find their own baby sitter.


Q:  If I have more questions, who do I contact?
A:  Kim at the church office (watkumc@watkumc.org) or
Pastor Emily (PastorEmily@watkumc.org)


(Special thanks for Faith Presbyterian Gainesville, Ashworth Church,
and Calvary Pella for help compiling this document.)